LTHC Housing Crisis Portal
LTHC reached out to us to create a centralized place to store all of their housing information for people in the midst of a crisis. The HTF development team crafted an easily accessed single-page informative website for those in need. As for the backend of the website, the portal is configured with a text document allowing for easy content updates by LTHC.

Developed for LTHC
Leadership Lafayette Storyboard
Leadership Lafayette needed to aggregate the stories of their alumni so we created the "Storyboard". Minimalistic yet powerful, this project is a versatile client feedback portal. This project collects, organizes, and presents alumni stories in an easy-to-read and secure format. It additionally has the feature to update the purpose of the form for use throughout multiple events.

Developed for Leadership Lafayette
HomesteadCS Grant
HomesteadCS encountered difficulties keeping track of what they planned to use their grants for, so they reached out to us for a solution. With a masterfully designed interface, the Grant Management website offers a sleek and comprehensive method to handling grants and other finances, ensuring the resources from grants are efficiently managed, and promises are well kept.

Developed for HomesteadCS
Jessie's Kids Foundation
In the past, Jessie’s Kids Foundation used a paper-based funds allocation system, that was slow, inefficient, and expensive. We created an online system where the funds can be requested and approived by members of the foundation.

Developed for Jessie's Kids Foundation
HomesteadCS Stories
This nonprofit was having a hard time managing the stories of their clients for their website. Therefore, we stepped in and created an online story management system for their website.

Developed for HomesteadCS
NICHES Land Trust
To help their goal of protecting natural areas, we were tasked to create a mobile application where users can view Niches’ parks and take self-guided tours on the trails. The app also displayed information for landmarks along the trails to make the tours interesting.

Developed for NICHES Land Trust
Lafayette Breakfast Optimist Club
The organization needed a better way to manage its Poinsettia sales fundraiser. Therefore, we created a web application where volunteers could easily access customer orders and log customer information.